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JULIA (Gamper & Dadoni Remix)


Born on the south shore of Montreal to a Japanese mother and a French father, Soran grew up surrounded by his father’s musical instruments, on which he could begin to experiment and learn. At age four, Soran was already playing drums, but then he abandoned music for a time.

During a trip to New York, he bought a guitar from a homeless person and rediscovered the pleasure of playing right away. He recorded a fifteen-second video in his bedroom that received hundreds of reactions on social media, much to his surprise. Several other videos followed, and in order to remain humble in the face of this exponential online success, he would perform anonymously in the metro. This is when La Voix noticed him, in 2015. A few months later, all four of the TV show’s coaches were drawn to his reggae version of Hotel California.

Much fonder of playing music than listening to it, Soran returned to songwriting with his unique touch on catchy pop compositions that make people want to dance and sing along. Then came the offers of record deals. In the autumn of 2016, Audiogram announced the young sensation’s signature, who released a first single: I Wish. Over fifty shows followed, all across his home province, notably as the opening act for established artists Geoffroy, Bobby Bazini, Gab Shonk, Aliocha and Alex Nevsky.

In the fall of 2018 Soran presented a first EP of six original songs on which he played all the instruments and co-produced with Connor Seidel (Matt Holubowski, Elliot Maginot, Charlotte Cardin). Since its sold-out record launches in Montreal and Quebec City, the EP's songs have garnered over 10 million streams around the world.

Despite his increasingly busy tour life, the young sensation continues to record content to share with his audience on social networks, where it all began. With 180,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 100,000 on Instagram, expectations are high but Soran never ceases to amaze and continues to find new avenues for his musical creativity. The Summer of 2019 saw Soran collaborate with popular Belgium DJ, Henri PFR, on his summer single ‘’Going On’’. That song has amassed more than 3,000,000 Spotify streams and 400,000 video views on YouTube to date. In September 2019, German DJ duo, Gamper & Dadoni, released a remix of Soran’s 'Julia’. Featuring a video directed by Soran himself and hot on the heels of Gamper & Dadoni’s take on the classic ‘Bittersweet Symphony’; This fresh take on ‘Julia’ further introduced Soran to new fans and the remix itself has garnered over 1,000,000 world wide streams.

With collaboration & creativity top of mind, Soran returned to the studio with Connor Seidel this fall to record his next collection of music. 'Stop Myself' is the first song to arrive from this next chapter of Soran’s sonic journey and further explores the young singer’s remarkable talent for emotional story telling through song. With an infectious melody and an undeniable hook, 'Stop Myself' acts as an exciting calling card for the tsunami of new music Soran is set to unleash upon the world in 2020 and beyond!